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INFORMATION AND DISCLAIMERS: First of all I'm not some racist piece of trash.

I'm someone who hates the government and the fact that they fuck us in our asses every chance they get.

Second off, if any of what I just said offended you. Please do us both a favor and forget this page existed.

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Technology is ruining our society

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As far as I can see God is the ONLY way forward. God and his teachings are what led to the free and civilized society we have today and to abandon him is

to abandon any chance of maintaining that society. Building a strong family to carry on the traditional values of our Nation is the only way we'll ever save it.

The Nuclear Family, strong morals and above all, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the ONLY hope we've got. Don't turn your back on the only one who's

always there for you!

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The will of the people will always prevail. Most strong people have one thing in common, we want freedom above all else. No matter how bad and how

cracked and crumbling our system is right now just remember, The spirit of Rebellion runs in the veins of the strongest of our nation. The weak will be on the

opposing side. God bless Americans! Pray for this mess if you would be so kind.

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Our Corrosive Government

The government of the USA has turned it's back on the people of Afghanistan, on the people of South America and most egregiously

, they turned their back on their own people. I was once a proud American but the only things I have left to be proud of now are

a majority of our people and our history. As for our government, recent highlights, and general system... no I can't support satans army.

These disgusting hacks in all corners of the American government are people that would have been hung for treason only 60 years ago.

They are rotting our beautiful country and all of her wonderous recourses from the inside and anyone who doesn't see that at this point is either

blind, ignorant or complacent. Long live the free spirit of the New World known as America. May her people conquer all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC!

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