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.Walmart's ONN brand cassettes and their surprising quality

    So I as most people would be was very sceptical today when I was browsing through the electronics at Wal-Mart and I stumbled apon two-packs of 90 minute cassettes sitting on the shelf for sale. First of all I I  had to make sure I wasn't dreaming and that I really was looking at tapes at Wal-Mart. I bought a couple packs since they were pretty cheap and I was curious. I was expecting nothing more than trash quality, Type 0 tapes that aren't good for much more than voice memos. However I was very pleasently surprised when I popped one in my deck and recorded a quick song off the radio onto one. All of what I was expecting was blown away as soon as I listened back on the tape. Phenominal quality of sound and high fidelity was what I was met with. These tapes sound AT LEAST as good as a Maxell Type I and I would even go as far as to say that they sound as good as cheaper Type II tapes. Wal-Mart very very rarely actually manages to impress me with the amount of garbage they allow to be sold at their stores. Luckily these new compact cassettes are a big exception to that. Anyone reading this that still uses tape should go and pick up a few recordables from your local store. Trust me the 3 dollars is worth it and more.


ONN Tapes

FFDP F8 on ONN Tape