Active Desktop Searchbar for Win ME, XP & 2K

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If you are anything like me than you probably search stuff on the internet very regularly and rapidly. You also probably hate having to load

your browser and wait for a search engine to load before searching that stuff, you maybe even have a habit of closing browser windows when you really shouldn't.... Well wait no longer! My new searchbar will make it a breeze to search both the surface net and TheOldNet right from your desktop!

Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be able to search in record time!

1. Open the "properties" window by right clicking the desktop and selecting it

2. Navigate to the "web" tab and select the "New" button

3. Enter the URL EXACTLY as follows:

**remember capitalization is important! it is best to copy paste the link rather than trying to replicate it.

4. Adjust frame as nessecary!

When you are finished adding the URL to your active desktop you should see something similar to this.

Now adjust the frame to the size and position you want and search with confidence!