Behind the Scenes of this mess of a website

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Ok so I was supposed to bring a few updates late last month... that would be before my laptop went crashing to the floor and broke entirely, Wonderful stuff. After salvaging what had made it on-line before that happened (it was literally uploading the site at the time of the incident) to my desktop I found that the video files that I had made and carefully edited were all gone, once again wonderful. Now I've made it back onto my trusty Gateway desktop and I {SHOULD} be able to get this website updated within a reasonable amount of time. Other things are definetly occupying plenty of my time but in the evenings there really isn't much better to do than sit  here and punch pages out anyway!

Just to give y'all an idea of what the current situation and direction of the website, here is a little shot of what I'm developing for it (for the second time)

From what's here you can see I'm doing a good bit of focusing on video streaming. This is because video is a very easy format to simply punch out and upload. It's very time consuming to sit here and type out each of these individual articles and such, while a video can be as easy as blabbing into a mic and cam for a couple minutes, then uploading it to the website. This will be very useful for the many little blerbs that I will be uploading to the website in time. Small things that either don't need a full article to be explained or that are better seen through video anyway,