Why old content will NOT be returning to the site anytime soon... sorry.

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Ok so for the short period of time where the site was being updated through my laptop you may have watched the video where I explained where the site is going. In said video I explained that I had all the old content on my laptop and that it would be reuploaded slowly over time, I even managed to do so with the "walmart ONN tapes" article. Well if you read my previous update article yesterday you'll know that my laptop had... an accident. Well the old content at least as of right now is trapped on that laptop if it's recoverable at all. So it's going to be all brand new content from here on unless I get that backup back. That's ok though because I have a good bit to post. I just need to find my FD-Mavica so I can take photos for the articles as otherwise I'd be stuck waiting for film to get developed before I can finish articles. I am working on this site here y'all it's just a stressful existence for me at the moment. I rarely get time to myself and that's the only time I can justify using on web-deving.