6.2.2022:new.gif (10233 bytes)CONTENT: WebVideos: Testing edited video and making it DIAL-UP FRIENDLY

6.1.2022:new.gif (10233 bytes) CONTENT: WebVideos: WEBVIDEOS ARE FINALLY BACK!

5.31.2022: new.gif (10233 bytes)Announcement: Much content to flood in soon!

5.16.2022:new.gif (10233 bytes)CONTENT: Interesting in Vegas: Take the heat and LOVE IT!

5.15.2022: new.gif (10233 bytes)CONTENT: Tech Stuff: General Electric 210 tube radio!

5.13.2022:CONTENT: Interesting in Vegas: Delays, Violence and Classified carpet cleaning!

5.12.2022 CONTENT: Interesting in Vegas: 20 bucks...

5.11.2022 CONTENT: Interesting in Vegas: New Job, New Dipshits!

5.3.2022 Content/Service:Tech Stuff: Active Desktop Searchbar!

4.28.2022: Announcement: Why I've been gone for a minute

4.7.2022: Site reached 500 unique visitors this year!

4.4.2022: GAMING RING is successfully launched! Email thewebmaster@alabamarebel1861.com to join the fun!

4.4.2022: CONTENT:Interesting in Vegas: Dumbness on dumbness on dumbness.

4.3.2022: Announcement: Starting a Gaming Ring, click for details

4.1.2022: CONTENT:Tech:My New Gaming PC!

3.27.2022:CONTENT:Interesting in Vegas:Strangeness in the Mojave


3.20.2022: Announcement: Homepage rearranged and cleaned up. Looked way too cluttered!


3.20.2022: Announcement: Crazy news around Vegas written by me coming to site soon!

3.17.2022: SPECIAL STORY: Why the site hasn't been updated!

2.22.22: CONTENT: Tech: Working on something...

2.11.22:  CONTENT:Hyundai Excel: Rally Through the Mojave

2.5.22:  CONTENT: Rants & Memes: God is the ONLY way forward

2.4.22: Updated the navigation buttons so they look cleaner

2.4.22:  CONTENT:Hyundai Excel: Quick update

1.26.22:  CONTENT: Cool Cars: Gran Turismo Builds: RX-8 Concept track car

1.24.22: SPECIAL STORY: Read how a Gran Turismo 5 lobby made a 12 year and running friendship

1.20.22: CONTENT: Tech: Why Cassettes are still the best format

1.19.22: Announcement: New pre-alpha phase Webring being tested!

1.19.22: CONTENT:Cool Cars:Real World:Hyundeezy

1.19.22: Announcement: COOL CARS Has been successfully overhauled!

1.18.22: Announcement: Lots and lots of changes coming to the COOL CARS page.

It will soon have some actual content!

1.18.22: CONTENT:Tech:Dial-Up in 2022

1.16.22: CONTENT:Tech:What happened to the website

1.16.22: Finally got the site updated. Expect a post soon

1.4.22: Unfortunately WebVideos will be down for a little while.

1.3.22: Announcement: Nevets' Gaming Corner will soon be something else...


 1.3.22: Upgraded development software to FrontPage V.2002

 1.3.22: I'm Back baaaaaby!!! Watch this WebVideo to see what happened.

9.26.21: Opinions page has been renamed to "Rants & memes"

9.17.21 CONTENT:Tech:Old'aVista.com

9.12.21 Newstufffacefinished.JPG (8250 bytes):Integrated News From The Tatum Report tatumreport.jpg (3547 bytes)

 9.11.21  CONTENT:Tech:My Computer Setup

 9.11.21  CONTENT:Opinions:Funny meme

9.8.21 Newstufffacefinished.JPG (8250 bytes): Site Layout Has Been Updated. WAY more efficient now!


9.7.21 CONTENT: TECHSTUFF: Nokia 3310 "The Best Cell Ever"

9.7.21 : Changed site theme and added banner

9.6.21 CONTENT:Opinions: Our Corrosive Government


8.8.21 : Integrated search with FrogFind Powered by DuckDuckGo!

8.8.21 CONTENT:Tech stuff: Portable/In-Car VCR setup!

8.6.21 COMING SOON: Game Reviews Page

8.6.21 COMING SOON: Anonymous writings of the ill mind

7.22.21 : IRC chat channel created. Go to IRC page for details

7.22.21:    Added section for WebVideos and added video thumbnails

7.22.21: Updated navigation buttons

7.22.21: New video uploaded: Need feedback

Ok so I'm working with my buddy Rockey in trying to set up some sort of message/image board system on here which may also lead to videos by other creators in the future

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